Limitations of Monthly car hire Dubai.

    At first, glance, when you explore the monthly car hire Dubai, you will never find any limitations or restrictions. It is a fact that the facility lets you grab the best opportunity of driving a safe and luxurious vehicle. However, there are some limitations involved in the process that you need to know. These are not something that can cause you to face issues but is sometimes in your favor. 

    Remember, these limitations are changeable and conditional. Everyone doesn’t need to have these limitations applied. Mostly, the factors of prices, vehicles, driving area, and rental duration impact these limitations. 

    No drive outside the tracking zone 

    Every rental car comes with a tracking device, and keeping it in that tracking zone is essential. Moving the car out of the zone will cause it to lock itself and inform the law enforcement agency and rental service. 

    Limited miles for a whole month 

    Sometimes, to reduce the cost of the car’s maintenance and increase its life, rental car companies put a monthly miles limit on it. The description of your regular traveling or other factors normally calculates these miles. It helps to secure the engine from being worn out. However, if you drive more than this limit, you will also have to pay for it. 

    Making timely payments 

    Some car rental companies are too particular about their payment schedule. If you are renting the car for a month, they might not charge you any initial deposit. However, they will ask you to pay the amount in installments. These installments can be weekly or bi-monthly. You have to choose the options and then make payments in time. Otherwise, the company will show up and take possession of the car, giving you a low ranking for your rental profile. 

    Limited car options 

    Sometimes when you are getting an extremely cheap car rental option in Dubai for the whole month, there is a vehicle limitation. The rental company restricts you with limited car options. They put only those cars on the list that are affordable and easy to maintain. Otherwise, they will never be able to match the affordable category r offer cheap rates. 

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