Can I Rent a Specific Make and Model of Car?


Take your luxury on real wheels with exclusive car rental in and around Dubai, with a range of the very best sports cars and executive sedans on offer to fit your style and taste. With luxury car hire Dubai, you can select the exact make and model to complement your vacation style. Elevate your travel and enjoy the city in style, skip the car to your destination. Book the car you desire now and make your Dubai holiday a one hairpin bend of fun and excitement.

Unmatched Selection

At Luxury Car rental Dubai, we are famous for giving preventive maintenance services that exceed clients’ expectations. Whether through a sports car or an opulent SUV, they include state-of-the-art brands. Their pride in professionalism allows us to be sure that every item of their inventory will run smoothly.

Personalized Service

Being very much local, they pride themselves on their personal model of service, which is what sets us apart. Through their experts’ team, we guide you over all the process, starting by booking and ending the rental procedure, thus the process becomes seamless. We go beyond knowing with precision your needs and choices.

Flexibility and Convenience

Renting a particular base model and color of a car has also become convenient. Such services also ensure ease in your life as it is now possible for you to book any of the selected vehicles with just a few clicks via the user-friendly online platform. Whether it is a short weekend trip or long-term vacation does not matter.

Unparalleled Luxury

Can your customers indulge in the unique luxury of their excellently crafted car fleet? Their vehicles are all made with top features and facilities to satisfy each customer with the highest level of convenience and comfort. The comfort available on the leather and advanced technology system are combined to make you enjoy the whole ride.

Check Out Your Dream Car the Trailer

Want to get your luxury car in a particular model and type, check out Dubai market for a unique experience. Their all-own luxurious rides from Luxury Car Hire Dubai are not hard to find! Their unequaled variety of vehicles, along with personalized services and the commitment to quality, lays all the ground for your becoming their VIP customer at the forefront of luxury car rentals in the UAE. Reserve your classic car today and relax in the ultimate world of style, luxury, and class.

Bottom Line

Taste the summit of luxury with their limited car rental service in Dubai. If a particular make and model of car for your vacation is what you are after, we not only offer personalized service and unbelievably sufficient selection, but we are also your number one top choice. Perfect for the true car enthusiasts, we offer unique vehicles with dedicated luxury from hint to point.